Yoga: space utilisation building stronger communities

A key aspect of coworking is space utilisation. So when we heard that an Adelaide-based yoga venture had come up with a clever business model that uses under-utilised space for their classes, we felt an affinity.

We caught up with Yoga & Co Adl founder Lisa to learn more about this smart new approach. 

CoworkingSA: What made you decide to run your classes outside of a gym or yoga studio?

Lisa: The traditional spaces to set up yoga classes were either too expensive or didn’t suit my style of yoga. I teach yoga in a way where we don’t take it so seriously – it has a lighthearted element to it – and this style fits better in spaces that aren’t gyms or studios. Yoga is one of very few forms of physical exercise that you can literally do anywhere. Sure, you usually need a mat and some stretchy clothes and, in the case of a group, you’ll need a bit of space. But I wanted to run with the idea of doing yoga anywhere.

CoworkingSA: How did you decide where you were going to run your classes?

Lisa: I wanted to operate in the cbd and in spaces that were intriguing and a pleasure to be in. The choices were then actually pretty easy for me. Our first spaces include:

  • The Mill has a long and skinny gallery space that is perfectly suited for yoga sessions.
  • I also fell in-love with A.nouk; with their highly architectural space filled with natural light and sculptural plants.
  • Abbots & Kinney was also a must for me as they’re in the heart of the city and have an uber cool space.

I’ve got my eye on a couple more.

CoworkingSA: How did you come to agreement with the business owners?

Lisa: All of the business were rapt with the idea of seeing their spaces used in a new way. They all saw it as a benefit to their own business by bringing new people into their spaces and by creating an even stronger community amongst their existing clientele.

In the case of The Mill, my classes have an added bonus by bringing their coworking community together on a weekly basis. Their coworking community is a diverse group, with shoe makers, tattoo artists and accountants all in the mix. Yoga is lovely way for them to do something all together.

CoworkingSA: How has the response been so far?

Lisa: It’s been great! The spaces are small in comparison to the huge rooms you’ll find in most gyms and some yoga studios, which I think is a bonus as I’m able to pay more attention to everyone in the class.

Also the businesses that I work with have been so supportive. Most of the yogis who have come to my classes were people who found out about me through either The Mill, A.nouk or Abbots & Kinney. It’s been humbling for me having experienced business owners provide so much support.

CoworkingSA: Can you elaborate on the “light hearted element” of the way you teach yoga?

Lisa: I teach my classes to music from the likes of Drake, Beyonce, Sia, Bon Iver. We don’t dance but sometimes we groove through stretches. Teaching yoga to music is a bit polarising in the yogi teacher community but I really can’t do without it.

A lot of people, even seasoned yogis (including me!), can feel terribly intimidated when going to a yoga class. They feel that maybe they won’t be able to do it properly (whatever that means) and that they’ll look like a bit of a goose in front of everyone. Teaching yoga to music that isn’t all too wrapped up in technicalities and Sanskrit allows people to feel just that little bit more relaxed.

I think that yoga, a killer playlist and a stellar space is the perfect trifecta.

Yoga & Co Adl Sessions:

  • Wednesday 5.30pm at Abbots & Kinney on Pirie Street 
  • Friday 7am at The Mill on Angus Street  
  • First Sunday of every month 9.45am at A.nouk on Byron Place

First session is free.

To find out more visit